Mulu’s Story of Redemptive Lift

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Widowed women empowered to create a new lift for themselves and their children.

“My name is Mulu Bekele and I am 37 years old. When I was 30 years old my husband died due to complications from HIV/AIDS, leaving me and our 6 … Read More

More Than a Religious Leader

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Petros Network’s holistic approach trains indigenous leaders to put the gospel into practice so that all of life in their village will be lifted for the better. In the developing world, … Read More

Petros Network Women Extending Kindness

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Petros Network Women Extending Kindness

The hope we have in Christ is a powerful tool! This hope compels us to extend kindness and generosity that is unexplainable to the hopeless. It’s so powerful that we named … Read More

Extending Kindness Amid Persecution

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Kindness Amid Persecution

Since June of this year, the political and spiritual unrest in Ethiopia has increased exponentially with at least 500 christians being killed for their faith. The targeted assault on Christianity … Read More

For the Love of Women and Children

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For the love of women and children

No one works harder than a mother with a starving child. The Covid-19 virus is affecting women differently than men and that is particularly true of women in the developing … Read More

Transformational Leadership in Ethiopia

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A DIVINE APPOINTMENTIn July 2019, we were invited to train the Executive Branch of the Ethiopian government in leadership development. When asked by a key Ethiopian leader, “What is the … Read More

Back-To-School Party

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A Special Update From Gojo, Ethiopia! It’s back to school time in Gojo, Ethiopia, for the boys and girls in our Child Sponsorship Program! Thanks to the continual support of … Read More

“Someone Believed In Me and Changed My Future”

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Irgibe Korsa - Petros Network Women

“My name is Irgibe Korsa, I am 30 years old, and I live in Gojo, Ethiopia with my three children. We didn’t always live in Gojo. We used to be … Read More

Does God Speak Today?

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Three years ago, God prophesied that a team from around the world would come and equip the local church to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ across all of Borana, Ethiopia. … Read More

A Tale of Two Brothers

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THE HOPE OF SPONSORSHIP: “I WANT TO BE A DOCTOR.” It’s a common answer when we ask the orphans the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you … Read More