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We have a calling, and a glorious opportunity, to align our hearts with God’s heart for those who need His love.

For years, people have believed that a mission statement is important for personal success. But as a Christian, success isn’t about adopting a mission statement or a set of tasks, it’s about undergoing a profound change of heart, a “dislocation of the heart,” that aligns with Christ’s own compassion and purpose.

When we walk with Jesus and grow closer to him, we shouldn’t be asking, “What’s my mission?” Instead, we should be asking, “how do I get on mission with God?”

The closer we get to Jesus, the more we should align our hearts with his purpose to reach the unreached with the life-changing message of the Gospel. Our role, our mission, is God’s mission—seeking and saving the lost. After all, “Lost people matter to God, so they must matter to us.”

As you read through this 5-day devotional our prayer is that God would dislocate your heart for the lost and give you new eyes to see the mission fields around you.


5-Day Devotional on Living a Missional Life

An African man laughing by putting his hand on heart

It can be hard to know how.

At Petros Network, we understand that tension. It’s why we partner with churches like yours to strategically and effectively introduce Jesus to the unreached world.
Our approach is designed to be a powerful, turnkey global missions program that allows kingdom-minded churches to respond to the needs and initiate incredible, sustainable impact.

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