Petros Network Women Extending Kindness

by | Oct 17, 2020

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The hope we have in Christ is a powerful tool! This hope compels us to extend kindness and generosity that is unexplainable to the hopeless. It’s so powerful that we named our Women’s Program, The Tesfa Project, which translates in Amharic as The HOPE ProjectPetros Network Women is passionate about spreading hope and creating Redemptive Lift. We do this by equipping & empowering at-risk women with:

  • Small Business Training 
  • Leadership and Life Skills 
  • Literacy Education 
  • Health and Hygiene Education 

Community is Key: 

During this time of upheaval across the world, we have observed that the women in our program are better equipped to handle this global crisis than other women in their community. Our Petros Network Women are debt-free and most have built up savings before the pandemic. The community these women have built is so important and it is beautiful to see them come alongside one another to help carry each other’s burdens. These loving acts of kindness are stirred on because of the hope they have in Jesus.  


Extending Kindness: Faban’s Story 

Faban is one of the women in our program who is constantly extending kindness to the women in her community. She has taken 50 women from her church under her wing and with a desire to train and equip them with what she has learned about running a thriving business so that they too can be successful and better care for their families.

In recent months, Faban has stepped up to assist other women in the program who pay rent on their homes each month in light of the market closure. She told our in-country leaders, “I do not suffer as the women who owe rent on their homes suffer, so I take what I receive and I distribute it to the women who are struggling to pay their rent.”


Kindness Is Contagious:

Faban and women like her are seeing needs and being catalysts of change. These acts of kindness are spreading hope amongst not just the women and families part of the Tesfa Project, but throughout their community. And the good news is, that we have found that hope and kindness are contagious. What can you do to spread a little loving-kindness to those around you this week? 

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