Extending Kindness Amid Persecution

by | Oct 10, 2020

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Since June of this year, the political and spiritual unrest in Ethiopia has increased exponentially with at least 500 christians being killed for their faith. The targeted assault on Christianity is rising to make it harder than ever for the Kingdom of God to advance. Yet, fear does not command the hearts of our Missionary Church Planters. They continue to share the Good News with all who will hear and they continue to extend kindness amid persecution.

Opposition to the Gospel

Pastor Yifru is a Missionary Church Planter who has been part of the Petros Network since 2018. He is no stranger to violent opposition; however, his heart is set firmly on sharing the love God has with all who will listen. He shares with us an account of how he and his friends extended loving-kindness to those who violently opposed the Gospel.

Pastor Yifru’s Story:

“One day, when we went out for evangelism, the people in that area attacked us. Thankfully, while this was happening, the police came and brought a stop to it. They asked us what happened, so we attempted to explain that we were there to tell people about Jesus, however they did not want to listen to our message and attacked us. They asked the attackers what happened, but they could not give a reason. The police opted to arrest them and took them to the police station where they were sentenced to six months time.

The next morning, we made the decision to visit them and extend God’s loving-kindness. We brought water bottles to give them so they would see the love Jesus has for them. We want them to know Christ’s love regardless of what they did to us.”

A Powerful Message

Kindness turns a bottle of water into a powerful message of love and forgiveness. Pastor Yifru’s actions demonstrated to his attackers the same love Christ portrayed on the cross as He died with the words ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”(Luke 23:34)

Pressing On

Petros Network’s mission to create Redemptive Lift around the world is a task not taken lightly by our Missionary Church Planters. The unrest spreading throughout the country does not diminish the passion driving our in-country leaders to show KINDNESS, share PEACE, and beloved amid persecution. It spurs them on to more! Does the persecution you experience cause you to shrink back or press on? How can you extend kindness today to someone who has been hostile towards you?


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