Mulu’s Story of Redemptive Lift

by | May 1, 2021

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“My name is Mulu Bekele and I am 37 years old. When I was 30 years old my husband died due to complications from HIV/AIDS, leaving me and our 6 children, 4 sons and 2 daughters. I too have HIV/AIDS.”


My Life as a Widowed Mother With HIV/Aids

“My health condition didn’t allow me to work daily labor, but I tried to work in individuals’ houses cleaning, and cooking. I made just enough for 2 meals a day and my rent. I had no money for school materials for my children. I begged to send my children to school. I couldn’t afford electricity, so my children were struggling to study. Often I cried, hiding myself from my children. “What will happen to my children if I die? Who could help us to get out of this nightmare?” I never had the answers to these questions. Nothing was encouraging me to have hope.”

“What will happen to my children if I die?
Who could help us to get out of this nightmare?”

My Life After Petros Network Stepped In

“When I joined Petros Network’s Women’s Empowerment Program things began to change for us. Before joining the program I knew nothing about business. The training I received opened my eyes to the opportunities before me. The feeling of hope was growing inside of me. After training, I received a loan from the program and I started selling shoes in my local village. My life started to change!”


Mulu and three of her six children in front of their home.


My Life Has Been Forever Changed

“I can now fulfill the needs of my family. We started eating nutritious food and my health began to improve. I was able to build a small house and pay for electricity. I have paid back my loan in full and have money in savings. I am not just working to get money; it is because I love my work. On days there is no market I create handcrafted items to sell. Also, I am going to my brother’s church to worship my Lord.”




“I am so grateful for Petros Network. It is because of the Women’s Program that my life and the life of my children have been forever changed.”


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