Meet Brehane

Rachelle Polits, Communications TeamEmpowering Women

STORY FROM THE FIELD:Brehane, Tesfa Project Sponsored Widow “I was sick and had not eaten in many days and I was trying to nurse my child, but my body could … Read More

Love Transforms: A story of forgiveness…

Rachelle Polits, Communications TeamChurch Planting

STORIES FROM THE FIELD:Church Planter Missionary EDA0510 “I was struck with a machete on my left arm and in the face as I preached… After I was cut, they came … Read More

TESFA Special Needs: Meet Burtukan

Rachelle Polits, Communications TeamProtecting Children

JANNA COCHRAN works as a EI/ECSE Specialist with Willamette ESD since 2003. She is married to Gregg Cochran and has two children, Carter and Hadley. She makes regular visits to … Read More

Petros Network Launches in Borana

Linda NoahChurch Planting

God is always at work putting the pieces of our lives together for His perfect timing and purpose. Petros Network’s President, Ray Noah, first met Ethiopian Pastor, Endashaw Kelkele, when he served as the Executive Pastor of Calvary Temple in Denver, Colorado in 1990. At the time Calvary Temple was led by the late Charles E. Blair. Pastor Blair had invited Pastor Endashaw…

God is at Work — Miracles, Signs, and Wonders

Linda NoahChurch Planting

THIS IS MY STORY:Church Planter Missionary EG2000 “God is at work. He is working through us with miracles, signs and wonders. These events confirm the words that we are sharing … Read More