Love Transforms: A story of forgiveness…

Church Planter Missionary EDA0510

“I was struck with a machete on my left arm and in the face as I preached… After I was cut, they came and asked for forgiveness. Because I forgave them, they now follow Christ. They are active in our church. They pray and study with us.

“When I first met my wife, she was mad (insane). I prayed for her and God freed her from the madness. Later, we got married and now we have one child. When she was sick she would spend time alone, away from everyone. You could tell from her behavior and see it in her eyes. Now she prays all the time. She is an intercessor and encourages others to pray as well. She also teaches them how to pray.

“PRAY for courage from God to preach boldly. PRAY for the community to come to God.”

How could we help you to be more effective? We need Bibles in the Oromifa language



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As churches take root in previously unreached villages the need for bibles quickly outpaces their supply. You can help meet this specific need, and put a Bible in the hands of each new believer!

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