Give the Gift of Sponsorship this Christmas

This year, give a Christmas gift that will make the difference of a lifetime. Sponsoring a child for Christmas gives the gift of hope to a child all year long. You can also share the gift of sponsorship with someone special in your life. Through generous sponsorship, this holiday season, children around the world are provided with the gift of … Read More

How to Write a Letter to Your Sponsored Child

child sponsorship

Did you know that you can write letters and encourage your sponsored child anytime throughout the year by visiting your online portal? It is a simple way to stay in contact, build a relationship and encourage your child. HOW TO WRITE A LETTER TO MY CHILD THROUGH MY ONLINE PORTAL:Send a note of love and encouragement to your child, simply: … Read More

Dream Chaser

Dream Chaser

MEET ESTHER Bright eyed and clever, Esther spends her days with her 7 siblings and father in Uganda. She is a smart little girl who dreams of becoming a doctor and access to a great education is her ticket to making this dream a reality. Esther is a dream chaser! She prepares for this dream by taking on the role … Read More

Children In Need of Loving-Kindness

Children in Need of Loving Kindness

We have just received word of several kids from Uganda who are in desperate need of sponsorship. They were selected as the poorest, most at-risk kids in the community. Child Sponsorship would change not only their life but help support their family as well. THE GIFT OF CHILD SPONSORSHIP Your gift of $36USD a month makes a lasting impact! Through … Read More

Child Sponsorship Saves Lives

DURING THESE UNCERTIAN TIMES CHILD SPONSORHSIP PROVIDES: Nutritious Food— Our team has ensured that every family in our program will have nutritious food to get them through this storm.  Medical Care— The Tesfa Center Medical Clinic is up and running and our children take priority when it comes to receiving immediate care. Education— Children are the hope of their community and education is … Read More

Back-To-School Party

It’s back to school time in Gojo, Ethiopia, for the boys and girls in our Child Sponsorship Program! Thanks to the continual support of our child sponsorship donors, our team was able to hand-deliver educational materials and school supplies to every child before their 2012 E.C. school year begins. (Article: Why is the Ethiopian Calendar Seven Years Behind?) Without a … Read More

A tale of two brothers

“I WANT TO BE A DOCTOR.” It’s a common answer when we ask the orphans the age-old question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Each year the answers change and range from teachers to evangelists to engineers. But for brothers Abreham and Ebsa, their answer is solid. they want to be doctors, and for good reason. … Read More

TESFA Special Needs: Meet Burtukan

As a Special Education teacher here in the US, I have the opportunity to teach and support children with Down Syndrome.  So, it was a special privilege to meet Burtukan (Burtu for short) and her family at our Petros Network sponsored medical clinic in Fall 2014.  At 4 years old, Burtu had likely never seen a physician or received formal … Read More