How to Write a Letter to Your Sponsored Child

by | Nov 9, 2020

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Did you know that you can write letters and encourage your sponsored child anytime throughout the year by visiting your online portal? It is a simple way to stay in contact, build a relationship and encourage your child.


How to Write a Letter to My Child Through My Online Portal:

Send a note of love and encouragement to your child, simply:

  1. Log into your Petros Network Portal by visiting,
  2. Go to your Inbox located in the My Profile dropdown menu
  3. Choose New Message
  4. Create a subject line, select your sponsored child from the dropdown menu and write your note of encouragement or prayer
  5. Hit Send Message and you are done!

6 Helpful Tips For Writing to Your Sponsored Child:

  1. Keep it simple: Share a short paragraph or two about you or your family. Remember the point of these letters is to create a connection with your child and that takes time. You don’t have to share everything at once!
  2. Steer clear from talking about material possessions: Remember these are children who have very little. Your letter to them is not the time to share about a new car or expensive toy.
  3. Include pictures: Just like you love to receive pictures of your child, they love seeing pictures of you and your family. Pictures are a wonderful way to connect even deeper with your child.
  4. Avoid making promises: We ask that you please not promise a child you will visit them or send them a specific gift. We want you to remain a trusted and cherished person for your child and the best way to do that is to avoid making promises.
  5. Ask questions: Questions are a great way to learn more about your child and create a meaningful connection.
  6. Encourage, encourage, encourage: Encourage your child through writing out scripture verses or a prayer. Encouragement goes a long way… Let your child know you are cheering them on!

Available Children Waiting for You!

We always have children that are in need of a loving sponsor! Will you help us? To view the children waiting for sponsorship, simply click the link below. 

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