Providing Humanitarian Aid and Hope to Underserved African Villages

by | Mar 14, 2023

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“True transformation occurs when we address not only the physical needs of the community, but also the spiritual needs. It is when we provide hope, love, and a sense of purpose that real change happens.”

— Dr. Tony Evans

Providing Humanitarian Aid and Hope to African Villages

While there are many organizations working to bring humanitarian aid to the underserved people of East Africa, Petros Network stands out because we provide hope both physically and spiritually. While access to clean water, healthcare, and other basic needs are important, we also recognize the deeper need to reach these unreached communities with the gospel message.

Our approach is unique in that we combine humanitarian aid with spiritual support, recognizing that true transformation comes not just from material aid but from the power of the Gospel to change lives. We are committed to serving these unreached and underserved people groups, bringing them the hope and light of Christ, and building strong, thriving communities.

At Petros Network, We Are Church Planters and Humanitarians

We equip and empower indigenous church planters to be change agents in their communities by meeting spiritual and physical needs. We train them to leverage their influence and resources so they can address community needs such as:


  • Human rights
  • Governance
  • Education
  • Health
  • Hygiene 
  • Relief from poverty, intolerance, and persecution

Humanitarian Aid + Hope = Transformation (Lasting Change)

Many unreached African villages suffer from war trauma, accepted cultural violence, and the lack of vital resources needed to thrive. While our primary goal is to equip indigenous leaders to plant churches in unreached villages, we are equally passionate about showing the love of Jesus by providing for the physical needs of a community.  

We provide unique solutions to fit community needs which include: 

  • Empowering women through development training and micro-grants,
  • Feeding children and families through food distribution and agriculture initiatives,
  • Protecting children through child sponsorship, access to education, and school feeding programs,
  • Improving health through clinics that provide medical and dental care,
  • Providing clean water by constructing wells and cisterns and offering sanitation training and solar power,
  • Educating out of poverty through developing schools and training teachers, and
  • Responding to unique needs through sports outreach, small business training, transformational leadership development, and construction projects.

These solutions result in transformation stories like that of Dimitu, a young widow excommunicated from her family for being a Christian. After receiving a home from her local church planted through a Petros Network indigenous missionary, she was able to provide a life of hope and safety for her children. And Junior, a 6-year-old was malnourished and would sleep during class unable to concentrate, can now concentrate on his studies and play without suffering because of the feeding program at his school. Now he wants to become a doctor to help others! 

These are just two of the countless stories of transformation that regional directors report to us. We have many more stories to share. Subscribe to our newsletter below to receive monthly stories.

Let’s Transform Communities Together

Together we can continue to SHARE, SHOW, and SPREAD the Good News of Jesus while meeting the physical needs of rural African villages.

For just $36 a month, you can support our many humanitarian projects that provide hope to unreached communities.

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