Women and Girls Equally Heard and Valued

by | Feb 25, 2023

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Women are essential to ending poverty around the world. Nowhere is that more true than in Sub-Saharan Africa. Strengthening women’s roles as leaders, entrepreneurs, consumers and economic stakeholders will transform the continent. For the better.

– Makhtar Diop, The World Bank

Our goal is for women and girls in the unreached villages we serve to be equally heard and valued. Our indigenous church plants are the key to this. When we plant thriving, reproducing churches in these difficult, hard-to-reach places, spiritual, social and economic transformation happens—changing the lives of everyone in the village, especially women and children.

“We will not reduce poverty without working to achieve gender equality.” —The World Bank

Women and Girls Equally Heard and Valued

Life around the world is hard for women and girls, but this is especially true in developing nations where often they are treated as property, marginalized, undervalued, married off at a young age, and given little autonomy in their villages apart from a man. If their husband dies a woman and her children are left vulnerable.

Petros Network is working to change this. By sponsoring important program’s that support women and girls, we are helping to “change HER world.”

Healthy, educated, empowered, women and girls living free from discrimination and violence are more economically successful and transform their communities.  The United Nations agrees. They believe that ending world poverty can only be achieved by “ending the discrimination that traps women in poverty.”

Investing in gender equality is not just the right thing to do – it’s the smart thing to do

When you give to Petros Network you are helping lift women and girls in unreached and underserved villages. You are making it possible for them to experience the hope, freedom and restoration that comes from hearing and knowing the Good News of the Gospel, made possible because an indigenous missionary was sent to their village. You are helping women and girls experience Redemptive Lift, empowering them to rise and thrive.

How We Do This

  • Petros Network empowers at-risk widows by helping them launch small businesses with training and microfinancing. As a result, the widows in our program are leaders in their villages and able to provide a better life for themselves and their children.
  • Petros Network empowers girls through our Girls Power Program and child sponsorship, helping girls stay in school and create a better life for themselves.
  • Petros Network empowers women and girls by distributing Days For Girls feminine hygiene kits allowing women and girls to stay in school and carry out their daily responsibilities. Menstrual health management is a critical component to achieving gender equity.

Help Us Change HER World

Petros Network has taken strategic steps to reverse the trends facing most women in the villages where we have planted churches. Women are provided life skills, business training, and microgrants to create sustainable livelihoods that benefit the entire family.

Together, we can help change the world for women and girls living under the constraints of generational poverty and traditional practices that are unfair to women.

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