Why Investing in Women Has the Greatest Societal Impact

by | Jan 3, 2023

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Research shows that investing in women has the greatest impact on society. Did you know that 70% of the world’s poorest are women? Women face some of the most grievous challenges in the developing world:

  • Lack of equal access to education
  •  Unable to own land
  • Harsh cultural traditions
  • Gender-based violence
  •  Child marriages
  • Genital Mutilation
  • Food insecurity
  •  Polygamy

This needs to change! No one works harder than a mother with a hungry child, and no one is more driven to create a new future for their family than a woman with a houseful of children.

What the Research Says

Fortunately, research shows that women are the best target group for high-impact development initiatives within underserved communities. The truth is that when women thrive, the entire community benefits. The organization summarizes the research well. When organizations like Petros Network focus on developing women and girls:

There is more food: If women had the same access to agricultural resources as men farmers worldwide, we could feed 150 million people. [UN News]

There is greater peace and stability: When women play an active role in peace negotiations, agreements are more likely to last. [UN Women]

Families are stronger: 90 percent of women’s income gets reinvested in their families as opposed to only 40 percent of men’s [Global Citizen]

Countries are richer: For every 10 percent more girls who go to school, a country’s GDP can be expected to go up an average of 3 percent. [USAid]

Petros Network has taken strategic steps to reverse the trends facing most women in the villages where we have planted churches. Women are provided life skills, business training, and microgrants to create sustainable livelihoods that benefit the entire family.

How Does Petros Network Help Women Thrive?

We see opportunity everywhere. Our first step is to teach women to see their community’s assets and to think creatively about business ideas that will make life better for their family or community. Through holistic training, mentoring, and savings for credit groups, women start businesses creating small farms, selling goods in the marketplace, or provide essential services. Women are monitored and encouraged throughout the program; the results are astonishing. When women thrive, the family benefits and the entire community is lifted too!

How Can You Participate in Helping Women Thrive?

There are many ways you can participate:

1. Take a Trip With Us

Go on a trip and share some of your life skills. We could use your expertise in crafts, life, and business skills!

2. Give Monthly

Give monthly at $36 a month to lift a woman and her family. This monthly give provides emergency relief, education, a microgrant, and ongoing mentoring.

3. Full Sponsorship

Sponsor a woman and her family for the entire program at $1000. This generous gift provides emergency relief, education, a microgrant, and ongoing mentoring.


Women help women. When one woman benefits, she shares with her daughters and her neighbors. The result is exponential!

Why investing in women has the greatest societal impact - Petros Network

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