Beatrice’s Garden – A Story of Hope

by | Nov 10, 2023

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Families are being fed,
Children are being nourished,
Villages are beginning to THRIVE.

Beatrice Is Harvesting Hope

Like many in East Africa, Beatrice struggled to help her family escape famine. She had planted gardens in the past but they were often low-producing and didn’t last all year. She didn’t know how to plant the right foods at the right time and use farming techniques for the climate conditions.

The agriculture training she received through Petros Network helped her launch several F.A.I.T.H Gardens —a technique that specifically works to increase crop yields and provide food year round regardless of the rainfall.

This past year, she planted and harvested more than enough food to help feed her family and several church members. She also was able was able to sell produce at the market.

Many villagers have seen her high-yield crops and are asking to learn from her. Because of the success of her F.A.I.T.H Gardens (Food Always In The Home), Beatrice is able to teach those in her village what she learned at the agriculture training and share the Gospel at the same time! 

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Make a tangible difference

For just $36 a month, you can show the love of Jesus and meet urgent needs in underserved villages through an indigenous leader like Beatrice.

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