From Witch Doctor to Church Planter

When Juma was 7 years evil spirits identified him as a “Mukongozi” (diviner). He wore foreign clothes like goat skin. The spirits made it so he could not eat cooked things.  Eating cooked food could make this small boy very sick, so he was eating on blood from goats, lambs and chicken, and local herbs. Juma came to stay at … Read More

His Beloved Tattered Bible

“John is one of my dear leaders and a Pastor in our daughter church in Kaiti Kachonga, Eastern Uganda. The Bible is a Luganda version. It’s expensive to buy a Luganda Bible. For many years John was in the Anglican Church, and this Bible was his late fathers. When John started into ministry he went and requested his very old … Read More

Meet Brehane

“I was sick and had not eaten in many days and I was trying to nurse my child, but my body could not produce any milk. I could see death in the eyes of my little girl as she lay limply in my arms. I was abandoned by my husband and I did not have any means for food for … Read More