Partnerships Make All the Difference

by | May 13, 2022

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Petros Network couldn’t exist without partnerships. We are constantly reminded of the importance of friends and partners, like you, who help us to serve among the unreached as the hands and feet of Jesus. We couldn’t do this critical work without you!

A Strategic Name

We knew we couldn’t do this alone when we launched Petros Network. That is why we were very strategic in our name. Petros was derived from Matthew 16:18 when Jesus said, “upon this rock (Petra) I will build my church. “Petros” is the given name for Peter which means little pebbles (or little rocks). So, every time we say Petros Network, we are calling forth a network of little rocks joining together — “Network” — to do His Kingdom work.

Petros Network Visit to Convoy of Hope in Tanzania (2022)

A Growing Partnership with Convoy of Hope

Petros Network has been friends of Convoy of Hope for years now. Still, in recent months we have entered a deeper friendship as implementing partners out on the international field to share, show, and spread the love of Jesus through the proclamation of truth and acts of kindness.

Convoy of Hope strategically partnered with Petros Network to support disaster relief in South Sudan in recent months. Through that effort, we were able to provide over 2.4 million meals together and just under 15,000 people became followers of Jesus. We worked across 25 denominations as we lifted the hearts of the starving and suffering in that impoverished country.

South Sudan Food Distribution (2021)


What’s Next?

In the days and months ahead, Petros Network will partner and collaborate with Convoy of Hope to:

    • Feed thousands of children,
    • Empower hundreds of women,
    • Lift thousands of girls and boys from generational poverty,
    • And provide food security through global farming efforts.

Our indigenous church planters will lead these compassion efforts among their own people for the glory of God.

Indeed, this IS how you change the world!

Partnerships with churches, governments, businesses, and organizations like Convoy of Hope are critical to our mission. But, just as important is our partnership with the many individuals like YOU!

Thank you for your support!

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