Living in HOPE, Even When It is Hard….

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We are excited to share this next story of Negase Wokamale. She was so eager to be interviewed by our TESFA Project — Women's Empowerment team that she came and found us and waited patiently for us to be ready.

Who is Negase? A daughter, wife, mom, and grandma.

What an incredible woman she is. She lost her husband over 20 years ago, and her only daughter a few years back to diabetes. Now she cares for her bed-ridden mother whose health is declining fast, and her 5 grandchildren all together in a one room mud and stick hut.

With so much heartache she has experienced in recent years, it did not keep her from lighting up the room with her radiant smile.

Negase is a connecter. When we were through interviewing her for the TESFA Project — Women's Empowerment Program  she insisted we go with her to interview her neighbor. And so we did.

Why does Negase’s story stand out to me from all other women that we interviewed on our recent Petros Network trip? Because she reminds me of my own grandma who I am also very close with and who always does what is best for all of her grandkids. Worlds apart, these two grandmas share one common thread—they daily lay down their lives for their grandkids.

Many of us can relate to Negase’s story in some way. Consider sponsoring Negase today in honor of your mother or grandmother and follow her journey.

-- Sarah Landis | Petros Network | Communications Specialist

Sponsor Negase today in honor of your mother or grandmother and follow her journey.

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"She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future."

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