Good News For Women

by | Nov 18, 2021

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God cares about women! Women are not second-class citizens of His Kingdom. In the parts of the world where the Petros Network shares and shows the transforming love of Jesus, the darkness is especially cruel to women.

Women are often treated as second class, married off at a very young age, subject to the wishes of a husband who sees them as nothing more than his property, and God forbid, left defenseless and impoverished if they are widowed.

With the Good News, women are given value, they now live with a purpose for their lives and they are given hope. In a word, they are empowered. Why is that? Because Jesus cares about women!


The Good News for Women in East Africa
“With the Good News, women are given value, they now live with a purpose for their lives and they are given hope. In a word, they are empowered.”



One of our church planters, Solomon, tells the wonderful story of the deliverance of a Muslim woman, whose hopelessly demonized and self-destructive life was radically rescued and empowered by the hope of Jesus: 

There was a Muslim woman in my village who was possessed by evil spirits. She was uncontrollable, so her family had to restrain her with chains. She would scream and shout and would not eat food. She would claw and scratch herself, doing harm to her body.

Her husband secretly came to our church for prayer. We prayed for this possessed woman for three months that she would be delivered. Finally, she was freed from the spirits that tormented her. Now she and her husband and child have come to know God.

This entire family now has a family bond with the believers in our church, and she considers me her spiritual father.”



When Jesus transforms a heart it is for today and for eternity. Thank you for making this possible and the thousands of other stories of women’s lives that have been empowered both now and forevermore. You are making a difference, one life at a time.



Be the reason more stories like this are possible…


Join our monthly giving community of world-changers in the mission to take the Good News of Jesus to those who have never heard. Together we can restore hope to the ends of the earth.



It only costs $3600 to train and equip an indigenous missionary to take the Good News of Jesus to those who have never heard. The result of that investment is an entire village to experience Redemptive Lift. You can be a part of that story!


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