Why Church Planting?

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Why Church Planting

Because Everyone Needs Hope. We are often asked, “Why Church Planting?” Our answer is simple. Because there are 3.27 billion people on the planet who will never hear the Good … Read More

Where the Good News is Joy is Found

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Hope is the gift that keeps on giving. One of the first gifts that hope offers to people is JOY… We see that quite dramatically in the story of Christ’s … Read More

Good News for Children

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“Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world…” Most of us learned that Sunday School song as little kids, and now we teach it to our kids … Read More

Good News For Women

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women are empowered in East Africa

God cares about women! Women are not second-class citizens of His Kingdom. In the parts of the world where the Petros Network shares and shows the transforming love of Jesus, … Read More

Hope For an Entire Village

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Daily Difficulty in Myanmar Myanmar’s February 2021 coup has tumbled through the media and news sources with emotionally devastating updates. Six months later, the ripple affecting the Burmese people is … Read More

Rural Church Planters Given Bicycles

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Bicycles for Church Planters

MY ONLY CHOICE IS I MUST WALK… At a recent training event the African church planter was excited! It had been several months since he was able to share his … Read More

Spring 2021 Trip Report

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Spring 2021 Trip Report

We are excited to share this trip report with you that we recorded before flying home from 5 weeks of impact in Africa. We have seen and heard first hand … Read More

100,000 Bibles for the Forgotten People

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Imagine not having a Bible written in your heart language. 1.5 million people make up the Borana, Ethiopia region. To date, only 500 Boran Bibles can be found throughout the … Read More

A New Season for Petros Network

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Ray Noah join Petros Network in a full-time capacity as President and CEO.

Petros Network’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce Pastor Ray Noah will join the Petros Network team as its full time President and CEO. Ray stepped down on April … Read More

Mulu’s Story of Redemptive Lift

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Widowed women empowered to create a new lift for themselves and their children.

“My name is Mulu Bekele and I am 37 years old. When I was 30 years old my husband died due to complications from HIV/AIDS, leaving me and our 6 … Read More