TESFA Center and Medical Clinic: Bringing Hope to Communities

by | Oct 12, 2023

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“It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something. May I suggest that it be creating joy for others, sharing what we have for the betterment of personkind, bringing hope to the lost and love to the lonely.” 

—Leo Buscaglia


rmed soldiers in camouflaged uniforms walk the roads, and fear continues to embed in the hearts and minds of citizens in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. Since 2019, ethnic-based conflict between the Amhara and the Oromo has continued to fuel an insurgency. According to the United Nations, hundreds of thousands of civilians have been uprooted, and essential services are not functioning in these conflict-affected areas. Thousands have died due to this conflict, and millions have been forced to flee their homes.

“Truly, I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

—Matthew 25:40 (NIV

Bringing Hope to Communities

Amid these tensions and conflicts, God is at work bringing hope to these communities through Petros Network’s TESFA Center and Medical Clinic. Located in this war-torn region of the west Shewa zone of Ethiopia, the TESFA Center in Gojo is thriving, changing the lives and hearts of many of its citizens. To those without access to care, the medical clinic provides desperately needed services to the surrounding communities, regardless of ethnicity or political affiliation. The indigenous leaders who run the center share, show, and spread the Good News of Jesus through the services they provide and love for their patients. They are the hands and feet of Jesus in this conflict zone.

“The presence of the rebels is high in the area. It’s evident that they are getting services from the clinic as citizens of the area. Even though it’s hard to identify them (since they come and get services like anyone else). Despite the attacks in the area against government officials and individuals in the community, the clinic and its staff have not been victims. We believe they do not target the clinic because they (the rebels) appreciate the work the clinic is performing for everyone without segregating and denying people because of their political affiliations or for other reasons. . . We believe God has protected us for years to live safely and securely by his mighty arm and mercy.”
—Kebebe Gudeta, Director of TESFA Clinic

A Multi-Purpose Building Serving Nearly 20,000 People Every Year

The TESFA Center and Medical Clinic is the first in the area and a first for Petros Network. The clinic has impacted the Gojo community and surrounding communities, bringing hope to these areas since its opening. Built in 2018, the TESFA Center (TESFA means HOPE in Amharic) is a multi-purpose building with a full-service medical clinic that serves nearly 20,000 people a year—many of whom would be unable to receive services anywhere else. Without this center, these rural villagers would be left without Hope.

“I was sick and had not eaten in many days. I tried to nurse my child, but my body could not produce milk. I could see death in the eyes of my little girl as she lay limply in my arms. I was abandoned by my husband and left without any means for food for my four children. I was not only sick, I was also scared. I went to Petros Network’s TESFA Medical Clinic in my town, and the doctors and nurses were so kind to me. They treated me as if I mattered. Later, the Petros Network’s TESFA Project team came and met me. They offered me a microgrant each month to buy food to become healthy enough to launch my own business through their program. Today, I am a herdsman with nine lambs, and I am able to take care of my family. I thank Jesus every day for His rescue of my life. TESFA (hope) is a powerful thing.”
—Anonymous Patient at the Medical Clinic

Looking Ahead To The Future

 Today, the TESFA Medical Clinic is thriving and looking to make advances in what they can offer the surrounding community as the needs they see on a daily basis are significant. To sustain the impact of the clinic and be able to serve even more patients in the future we are looking for some generous partners to donate some much needed equipment. These items include a generator, a Hematology/CMC device, and a functioning ultrasound for women during pregnancy.

This equipment will help us meet the needs in the surrounding community and better serve the patients in our care. 

This Is How WE Change The World

Without the support of our amazing Petros Network partners, this work would not be possible. Please prayerfully consider helping us make a greater impact on these rural villagers and continue to bring hope to the war-torn Oromia region.

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