Rural Church Planters Given Bicycles

by | Jul 6, 2021

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My Only Choice Is I Must Walk…

At a recent training event, the African church planter was excited! It had been several months since he was able to share his field report face-to-face and there were so many stories to tell! Ready for his interview, he calmly looked around the busy room and sat down in the empty chair. Within minutes the interviewer, reviewing his last report and photo, asked in disbelief, “Is this you?”

The church planter replied, “It is! I have planted another church in a new village 8 miles away, and I walk back and forth every single day.” He declared bluntly, “I have lost some fat,” and then continued to bubble forth with testimonies of miracles, signs, and wonders.

The church planter had, in fact, changed a lot since his previous update, but despite several hardships, one couldn’t discount the huge smile across his face. He added with great joy, “God is helping me and I will soon launch another church in the next neighboring village.” The volunteer responded, “You look so different and so thin. Are you ok?” The church planter said, “Yes, I walk, and I walk, to serve each of my churches. I have no other way to get there. But, God has given me His grace for this mission.”

Church planters can walk as many as 20 miles a day to care for their churches.

Immobility Is a Big Issue in Africa

A lack of transportation is very common in the developing world and walking is how most people get from place to place. Many, if not all, lack a steady source of income, and owning something as luxurious as a motorcycle, at $1500 to $2500 USD, is an impossible dream. Church planters, serving in rural and unreached villages, can easily walk as many as 20 miles a day to care for their churches and that doesn’t count the personal and family needs. For example, when one’s child is sick and they need to take them to the clinic, and the clinic is at least 10 miles away, they’re spending most of their days walking.

Immobility is a big issue in Africa. Most people lack a steady source of income and owning a motorcycle is an impossible dream.


The Best Solutions Are From the Field

In monthly field reports, church planter after church planter shared their struggle of needing to walk long distances to care for the villages under their care. Seeing the need, we began to pray that God would give us a solution. We have witnessed again and again the best solutions come from the field.

At a recent training event, our Uganda Country Leader burst forth, “What about bicycles for the church planters?” What if every church planter could be given a bicycle? This would make it easier for them to get from village to village, and for just $150 USD, could this be a reachable possibility!

We have set a goal, if it fits in the context and geography of their community, to give every church planter a bicycle.”



Bicycles, Tools to Spread the Gospel

A bicycle becomes a life-giving tool in the hands of church planters. God helped us to provide a simple solution and meet an important need. This month Petros Network’s passionate partners gave 47 bicycles to new church planters in Uganda. It became a big day of celebration purchasing the bicycles, putting them together, and delivering them. It was like Christmas in July!


Thanks to our generous partners, we are able to meet a very big need for church planters to reach even further into unreached territories with the good news of Jesus Christ! 

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The gift of a bicycle allows a church planter to fulfill their ministry, care for their family and assist the needy in their village. Just $150 buys a bike and has the power to change a life.

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