The TESFA Center Launches Fall 2017

by | Jul 23, 2017

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Petros Network took on an aggressive international building project to build The TESFA Center in Gojo, Ethiopia (TESFA means HOPE in Amharic). The Center was built as a multi-purpose building with a focus on women and children. Our plan is to include a women’s medical clinic, an area for special needs children, and a work area for training and textile production. A Center like this is the first of its kind for the area and will impact the trajectory of women for decades to come. We expect the Center to be ready for furnishings and equipment in October 2017.

The Center is part of the TESFA Project which helps destitute women, mostly widows, gain the skills and confidence to run their own businesses and gain economic self-sufficiency. The TESFA Project not only offers the skills to succeed but also gives a woman and her family the powerful gift of HOPE and a brighter future.

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“As more cash and assets get into the hands of women, more of these earnings get into the mouths, medicine and schoolbooks of their children, while at the same time increasing women’s bargaining position and power in the family and community; and their ability to act against violence in the home and in the world. There is no development strategy more beneficial to society as a whole – women and men alike – than the one which involves women as central players.”

–  Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations

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