Gelane’s TESFA Story

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We are excited to share with you the story of Gelane Buta. 
On a recent Petros Network Life Impact Trip we were able to meet with Gelane, one of our widows in The TESFA Project—Women's Empowerment Program. She greeted us with a big smile and a warm hug. It is amazing to see how much her life has changed in just one year since joining the program in 2018.

Her Life Before Joining The Tesfa Proejct
"My life from the start was not good. My husband was a drunk. I struggled working as a day laborer, carrying things for others. My children had to work hard to survive throughout their childhood. After my husband died, we moved to Gojo, Ethiopia so we could rent a small home."

Her Life Today
"My children are all in school and doing well. I have a few different businesses that are also doing well. I sell potatoes and charcoal in the market and sell spice mixes from my home that people use in their restaurants and sell in their shops. It is because of TESFA that I am now able to buy things for my children when they need something. I have even been able to start saving money and that would not have been possible without this program."

"Because of this blessing you have given me I am able to give back!"
In closing, Gelane asks for prayer for her health. She also asks for prayer that Ethiopia would be a country of peace- when things are peaceful I can work more. Lastly, she asked for prayer for her children, that they would be successful in their education. When asked what she wanted to say to her donor, she said, “The day you visited me in my home my life was changed, even before I was given any money. I want my sponsor to know that because of this blessing you have given me I am able to give back to my church and others that need it. May God bless you!”

Genane's sponsor had the opportunity to meet her on one of Petros Network's Life Impact Trips! Pictured above is Gelane and her sponsor in Gelane's home back in 2018.

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