Two Hands of the Gospel—Myanmar Church Planters

by | Sep 12, 2020

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“Faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” James 2:17

The year 2020 is more than halfway through, with the remaining months looming with uncertainty. The amount of chaos and fear this year brought was unforeseen by even the best planners as they dreamed about their coming annual calendars for this ‘Vision’ year. What has stood out is there is no promise of what is to come, thus being present in the now has made an up-tick in the priority lists—noticing the people around us, their actions, and efforts as they happen. For Petros Network missionary church planters, sharing the love of Jesus and determining to act when a need is obvious demonstrates Love In Action.

The Hand of Love in Action Through Myanmar Church Planters

In the country of Myanmar, the needs continue to increase. The government’s internet shutdown continues in certain locations across the county, and just this month the COVID-19 pandemic made its greatest impact bringing the government to the decision to close their schools. Our Petros Network partners in that region, however, continue to keep us informed on our Missionary Church Planters and their families. They faithfully continue to bring Redemptive Lift to their areas.




From Pastor Stephen Thein, Myanmar Area Coordinator:

“Pastor Mahn is a Petros Network Missionary Church Planter here in Myanmar, in a village dominated by the Animism belief. His devotion to his town is evident in his faithfulness to them; however, I noticed he had been taking extra jobs as a general worker to provide needed support for his family. Pastor Mahn has two children, the oldest is married, but the younger son has had some severe health issues. Unfortunately, they do not have medical insurance, which is common in many villages, so Pastor Mahn uses his funds for his son’s health.

I decided to help find a solution for Pastor Mahn. After spending some time discussing the options, we decided raising pigs would be a suitable venture that would bring stability and much-needed health support for his son. We purchased two pigs; they are now living in their pen at Pastor Mahn’s home.

Praise God for His faithfulness and provision regardless of the circumstances.”

Jesus, Our Example of Love in Action

Jesus was a great model of demonstrating the two hands of the Gospel in both his words and his deeds. When we extend the hand of Love in Action it is relational and intentional. Pastor Stephen has provided a shining example of that. As you continue to pray for Myanmar, the Missionary Church Planters, and the people, please also pray for opportunities to demonstrate your love in action, where you are, even now.

Missionary Church Planters—Catalysts of the Two Hands of the Gospel

Petros Network Missionary Church planters are the catalysts that bring Redemptive Lift to their region. Would you consider sponsoring a church planter today? We would be proud to partner with you to Create a Redemptive Lift through spiritual, social, and economic solutions for those who need it most—One leader, village, region, and the nation at a time!


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