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by | Nov 14, 2019

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Another Update from Myanmar, Pastor Kirk Yamaguchi

Denver, CO

This is a picture of the courageous new Burmese Church Planters. There’s 26 of them. I am so impressed with their commitment and willingness to go into totally unreached villages to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray for them.

Tomorrow we will conclude the training by commissioning them, laying on of hands and praying for them. Then they will go out to their villages upon their return. During our interviews of the church planters today, I was surprised to hear such amazing stories of signs and wonders.




Two of the church planters actually prayed for the dead and they were risen. One was the Church planters wife that was dead for an hour. (Sometimes Jane has to pray for me to be raised from a dead sleep in the mornings. But this was dead – dead). The other was a child that had died and after he was raised from the dead, the whole family became Christians. (Go figure!).

Some of the church planters have faced incredible resistance in their villages. One hasn’t seen a single convert in 6 months. He was even kicked out of the first village he went into. But he keeps going in his new village. I would have quit and got a job as a trash collector. We prayed that God would continue to give him fortitude and I read him Zechariah 4:10 that says…“Do not despise these small beginnings.” We pray he was encouraged.




The picture above shows us praying for the young man that is a barber. Two families in our church gave money for him to build a barber shop in the village he has been going into. Now that he can have a permanent business in the village he will be able to move there. So we were praying for God to bless his new business and ministry.




This picture is a new church planter showing where his assigned village is on the Myanmar map.




Then this picture is of us interviewing a Church Planter so we could fill out the report for his supporters. Then we laid hands on him and prayed for him.


People sitting around tables, eating meal and waving to the camera


The 4th was all of us enjoying lunch together. This is a great time to grow in relationships with the pastors.

Thank you Jessica Tuttle Photography for the amazing photography.

Pastor Kirk Yamaguchi
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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