7 Great Things That Have Happened (So Far) in 2018

Rachelle Polits, Program SpecialistSpecial Features

We are only half way through the year, but Petros Network has been busy!

Our sincere desire is to extend the heart of God to those who have never heard His name. And as we faithfully keep our focus on God's concern, He has been faithful and continues to fulfill His promises to meet our concerns. Here are just a few of the great things God has done this year:

#1 Ministry Expansion in Borana:

Founders, Ray and Linda Noah, along with key leaders and the 134 Borana Church Planters that were trained May 2018.

God has stirred our hearts to reach the unreached communities of Borana in Southern Ethiopia and Northern Kenya by mobilizing and training 1,000 missionary church planters over the next 10 years; and by providing redemptive lift ministry that would support the community through various developmental, as well as self-help interventions.

#2 Translating Bible & Christian Curriculum:

We have partnered with Africa's Hope to translate discipleship materials, as well as a full Bible Diploma Program in five languages: Amharic, Oromiffa, Somali, Swahili, Arabic. We just completed Book 1 of the student and teachers guide of Living the Truth and will be distributing it this fall to 100 selected leaders in Gojo, Ethiopia who will teach and train it to 10 other leaders in their communities. We believe God will help us to have a ripple effect in discipleship growth.

#3 Launching a Medical Clinic:

We have launched a medical clinic to service women and children in Jeldu, Ethiopia. We have partnered with Project Cure to provide medical equipment for our clinic as well as the local hospital. We are also inviting North American medical teams to serve, teach, and train Ethiopian professionals. If you would like to join us in this project, please don't hesitate to contact us.

#4 Providing Leadership Training:

We have been invited to teach leadership training to local government and church officials in three zones: Shewa, East Ethiopia and Borana. Please pray God continues to open these doors. We believe a trained leader is the hope of Africa.

#5 Continued Church Planting:

In partnership with the indigenous church in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda, Brazil, Myanmar, and even Portland, Oregon, we now have over 4,000 local congregations that are discipling over half a million converts for Christ.

#6 Grand Opening of the Tesfa Center:

Not only are we continuing our child sponsorship, widows empowerment programs, and biannual medical clinics, we also opened the Tesfa Center in Gojo, Ethiopia this year- a permanent structure in a strategic community that will only increase the credibility of our work in the eyes of the people, the denominations, and local government.

#7 Sustainability & Growth:

Through the grace of God and the generous giving of key contributors, Petros Network continues to grow and is making a significant movement toward the financial sustainability of our organization in the countries we serve.

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