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Giving We Can Change Give TodayYour Gift Makes a Significant Difference!

We welcome gifts of any size, whether a one-time gift or a regular recurring donation. Petros Network is a 501(c)3 organization and all gifts are tax deductible. There are many ways you can get involved financially. Our system allows you to set up a monthly donation with ease for church planting and redemptive lift efforts.

Church Planting — Faith-Based Communities That Lead Redemptive Lift Efforts

  • Sponsor a church plant:  partial or whole

    • Ethiopia or Uganda @ $2100 USD
    • Eastern Ethiopia @$2950
    • South Sudan @ $2950 USD
  • Sponsor Bibles

    • Study Bibles for Church Planters @ $25 USD
    • Bibles for new believers @ $10 USD each
  • Sponsor Training Events

    • Training is offered 2 times a year @ $50 – $75 plus per leader for each training event

Redemptive Lift Efforts — Relief and Development for the Most Vulnerable of Ethiopia

  • Widows:

    • Change the life of a widow and her children by investing in micro-grants @ $1200 per project. Every gift helps!
    • Build a village home for a young mother (widow) and her family
    • Support the Tesfa Development Center for widows and desperately poor.
  • Children:

    • Sponsor a child at @ $30 USD a month per child. Provides food, clothing, education, and medical care
  • Agriculture and Farming Project

    • Buy a goat, oxen, beehive for sustainability.
  • Medical Relief

    • Provide local medicine and medical care
    • Advance the medical clinic
    • Develop a mobile medical unit
  • Clean Water Initiatives

  • Education

    • Build schools, provide text books, and teaching materials

General Fund to Advance Petros Network Through Out the World

  • Managing excellence in the training and administration of Church Planters and Redemptive Lift efforts is quite a challenge. Your assistance with daily administrative costs is what keeps us going! We need your help!

In a world that is full of uncertainty and instability, there is simply not a lower-risk, higher-return investment than the only institution about which Jesus Christ said, “… upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”–Matthew 16:18

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