What a Great Hope! What Good News!

Reaching the unreached with the good news of Jesus

Fear not, for God has His watchful eye on you and all of the things that concern you! Did you know, you can live in HOPE because you can rest in the Truth and promises of God’s Word? He is the great promise keeper! REDEMPTIVE LIFT IS THE GOOD NEWS! God, who created the heavens and the earth, loves you … Read More

More Than a Religious Leader

Petros Network’s holistic approach trains indigenous leaders to put the gospel into practice so that all of life in their village will be lifted for the better. In the developing world, religious leaders are often highly respected figures in their communities. Sometimes this is due to people’s respect for spiritual leaders, but more often, it is because they fear them. For … Read More

A Leader’s Passion for Women in Her Community

Asrat is part of the Petros Network Ethiopian team and oversees our Women & Children programs. When Asrat greets you, she is warm and kind. Within a few minutes of talking with her, you will see she has a passion for women, the issues they face and educating the next generation. She is fueled by her love for Jesus and … Read More

Give the Gift of Sponsorship this Christmas

This year, give a Christmas gift that will make the difference of a lifetime. Sponsoring a child for Christmas gives the gift of hope to a child all year long. You can also share the gift of sponsorship with someone special in your life. Through generous sponsorship, this holiday season, children around the world are provided with the gift of … Read More

How to Write a Letter to Your Sponsored Child

child sponsorship

Did you know that you can write letters and encourage your sponsored child anytime throughout the year by visiting your online portal? It is a simple way to stay in contact, build a relationship and encourage your child. HOW TO WRITE A LETTER TO MY CHILD THROUGH MY ONLINE PORTAL:Send a note of love and encouragement to your child, simply: … Read More

Who Will Reach the Unreached?

Who will reach the unreached?

At a recent training event, Jilo sat among a group of young men commissioned as missionary church planters just six months prior. Working with eight different denominations, over 200 of these transformational leaders were equipped and sent into Ethiopia’s Borana Zone to reach the unreached. Reaching the unreached includes people groups who have never heard about Jesus. JILO’S STORY Jilo was … Read More

The Gift of Hope

Gift of Hope - Irgibe's Story

IRGIBE’S STORY Pure joy exudes from Irgibe! She lives in a world where women typically have very little to no control over their circumstances, but Irgibe was given the gift of hope. In the fall of 2018, Irgibe joined Petros Network Women and her life drastically changed. She now has a hope and a future that most women in her town do … Read More

What Only God Can Do

What only God can do

Our Missionary Church Planters serve as catalysts of HOPE in their communities. For the community, it is HOPE that drives them to seek out these leaders for prayer, and HOPE is what drives the leader to pray even when they don’t understand. A PRAYER FOR OPPORTUNITY The issues facing the East Ethiopian people are fierce – desert locust swarms continue … Read More

Dream Chaser

Dream Chaser

MEET ESTHER Bright eyed and clever, Esther spends her days with her 7 siblings and father in Uganda. She is a smart little girl who dreams of becoming a doctor and access to a great education is her ticket to making this dream a reality. Esther is a dream chaser! She prepares for this dream by taking on the role … Read More

Children In Need of Loving-Kindness

Children in Need of Loving Kindness

We have just received word of several kids from Uganda who are in desperate need of sponsorship. They were selected as the poorest, most at-risk kids in the community. Child Sponsorship would change not only their life but help support their family as well. THE GIFT OF CHILD SPONSORSHIP Your gift of $36USD a month makes a lasting impact! Through … Read More