What a Great Hope! What Good News!

by | Dec 4, 2020

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Fear not, for God has His watchful eye on you and all of the things that concern you! Did you know, that you can live in HOPE because you can rest in the Truth and promises of God’s Word? He is the great promise keeper!


Redemptive lift is the good News!

God, who created the heavens and the earth, loves you so much that He sent His only son, Jesus, in the form of a baby on Christmas morning. Jesus lived a sinless life only to later die on the cross for the sins of the world — for your sins! The Bible records and historical narratives confirm he rose from the dead on the third day. Today, he is in heaven preparing a place for you to live with him for all eternity. That is the Redemptive Lift story — the gospel story! What a story of great HOPE, what GOOD News!


Just Like You and Me, the World Needs a Redemptive Lift

The turmoil around the world is undeniable. In 2020 our world has been roiled by pandemic restrictions, rocked by racial tension, and racked by political animosity. Have you noticed North America is not the only continent reeling from these issues? Just watch a little international news and you will see the story is unique, but similar, in country after country. Why is that? Because the Devil himself is quite simple. His tactics are the same day after day, and they repeat again and again, around the world and in your life too! He is not like our Creator-God who takes what is broken, creates Redemptive Lift, and makes all things new.



Jesus Has Given Us Two Direct Mandates

As Jesus’ followers, He gives us two direct mandates to live out in creating Redemptive Lift. Firstly, Jesus tells us to fulfill the Great Commission — to go into all the world and make disciples (Matthew 28:16-20). Secondly, he tells us to live out the Great Commandment — to love the Lord God with our entire being, and then love our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:28-34). These two statements are literally two hands of the Gospel and exactly what Jesus did when he was on earth. He declared the Good News of the Gospel and he incarnated the Good News by loving so well He laid His life down for the sins of the world.

Petros Network has a mission, and that mission is to care about the things God cares about — the Redemptive Lift of broken lives around the world. We believe our passionate partners are fulfilling the mission of God — creating Redemptive Lift in hard-to-reach places by sharing the full Gospel to every tribe and every nation in both word and deed. This means that together we share the Good News of Jesus and show the Good News of Jesus through compassion and care.



It May Sound Simple, but It Isn’t Easy

Together, we can work across multiple denominational and organizational lines to train, equip and empower missionary church planters as spiritual and social agents of change among unreached people groups. These courageous missionary church planters are fraught with persecution and great hardships as they share and live out the Good News. And yet, they continue to GO, and we continue to see lives changed and broken villages made whole. You see when Jesus enters a village all of life in that village changed — for the better. Why is that? Paul said it well, “…Christ in you, the hope of glory…” (Col 1:27) When a local church is planted in a community and the people adopt the priorities and purposes of God, we witness spiritual, social, and yes, even economic transformation. “Christ in you” truly is the HOPE of the world.


South Sudan Prayer Watch  

Some say South Sudan is spiraling fast into a point of no return. Flooding, desert locust, and tribal conflict have depleted food sources, and acute food insecurity permeates the land. Our leaders are reporting a suicide spirit has come over their nation. People unable to handle the unbearable pain of starvation would rather kill themselves than live and die slowly. Our church planters support their communities as best they can with food rationings — financial gifts from the US. Despite enormous suffering, there is hope! Petros Network area leaders report that as they present the Gospel, people are finding hope by turning their hearts toward God. Leaders report, “People realize that they may die tomorrow, so they cry out to God, and we are witnessing miracles!”

How You Can Pray

Will you pray for South Sudan? Will you pray that God will heal their land? Will you pray that people will turn towards God?




Ethiopia Prayer Watch 

The tribal conflict has spiraled Ethiopia into civil war. The previous regime led by the TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front) sought to overpower the National Government and create a divided country. Generally, the Ethiopian people supported their Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, and the war. But amid the turmoil, innocent people have been killed, and thousands of Ethiopians in the north have fled to Sudan, which is struggling to cope with its own severe economic crisis. And yet, amid all of the turmoil, 128,827 people have heard the Gospel, and 14,907 have invited Jesus into their hearts, guaranteeing an eternal future in heaven. Our field coordinators report for every church plant we launch, two other churches are planted in nearby villages. What a return on investment!

How You Can Pray

Will you pray that the name of Jesus continues to spread and peace comes over the land? Will you pray we have the funding to continue this great move of God among unreached people?




Uganda Prayer Watch  

The Uganda people have been forced into quarantine as the pandemic has spread across the country. Market closures have made most people unable to work, and food sources are scarce. Great effort has gone into supplying soap and sanitation training through our church planters to curb the spread of Covid. Amid extreme suffering, the church is ignited. The people are turning their hearts towards God in unprecedented numbers. New churches are planted every month in very hard-to-reach places where there the Gospel has never gone before. Our missionary church planters are asking for materials and Bibles.

How You Can Pray

We are asking God to help us supply the much-needed resources. Will you pray for the resources to meet the revival we are witnessing? 

Prayer Watch  

“If God is for us, who can be against us,” declared one of the missionary church planters. Some missionaries are reporting they are being expelled from their villages. Some of the villagers believe the missionary church planters have brought in the Covid pandemic because they were with people from North America. Last month alone, our leadership teams reported that 8,763 people heard the Gospel through one-on-one discipleship. We listen to reports of extreme hardships and hunger. And yet, despite the difficulties, we hear stories of people believing in the transforming power found only in Jesus. Missionary Church Planter Htay told us his first evangelism effort was a challenge. The local religious groups’ leader even kicked them out of the village. Later though, they returned with nutrition packs and were welcomed back, which allowed them to share the gospel. Now both kids and adults in the village are accepting Jesus and being baptized. Together with Petros Network, the gospel reached the unreached, and the lost are being saved.

How You Can Pray

Please pray our missionary church planters will stand firm and be encouraged to share the Good News of Jesus! 


Despite Great Obstacles, God Is on the Move!

Our prayer list is long, but we are experiencing an acceleration of opportunities to reach the unreached. The world is in turmoil, but it is in those moments of turmoil that God does some of his best work. The field is ripe for harvest. We have multiple invitations to train, equip, and launch church planters in some of the most difficult places. We need your help to spread the Good News!

Just $36 USD a month helps to share the Good News of Jesus and transform the nations! Select the country below that you would like to impact today with your support and prayers!

***We will send you a special edition ornament with every donation of $25 USD or more in the month of December as our way of saying Thank You!




$36 a month $3250 USD sponsors a church planter for 3 years.




$36 a month $3250 USD sponsors a church planter for 3 years.





$36 a month $3250 USD sponsors a church planter for 3 years.


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$36 a month
$3250 USD sponsors a church planter for 3 years.




$36 a month $3250 USD sponsors a church planter for 3 years.



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