Church planting is never easy, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. But compared to a traditional church planting model that requires hundreds of thousands of dollars, expensive buildings, marketing expertise, a large team and a seminary trained leader, the Urban Initiative approach is infinitely simpler and more quickly reproducible. If you have a dream to reach your city, we are looking for like-minded men and women to partner with us.


Qualification of an Urban Church Planter

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Behind the Urban Initiative is the idea of taking the church to people instead of expecting people to come to the church—an expectation that once drove evangelism in Portland but yields little fruit today. Likewise, the concept sees the work of the church planter not so much as a pastor, but as a missionary. Much of Portland is now two to three generations removed from any kind of church experience, therefore UMI missionaries approach planting a neighborhood-centric church as a foreign missionary would approach mission work among unreached people in Africa.



Selection and Training for Missional Success

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Urban missionaries require a unique mindset and unique training. Urban missionaries embed themselves within the culture they seek to reach: they will live among the people, do life together, work with their hands—they are tent-makers rather than professional clergy; they will craft a gospel approach that is indigenous—it will make sense to the people; they will incarnate the gospel, earning the right to be heard by genuinely loving people where they are and as what they are—they will see people as the objects of God’s unconditional love, not merely prospects to fill the attendance roster of the church and thereby justify its existence.


Partnering Together for an Effective Work

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Petros Network functions as the umbrella organization and partners with the urban missionary church planter to provide fundraising tools, non-profit outlets for fundraising, and accounting support. Urban missionaries are not employees of Petros Network, but partners in ministry functioning under a memo of understanding.



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Urban Missionary Application

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