Petros Network Translation Project

Through new Bible Schools and training centers Petros Network is launching in 5 regions, we will train and empower missionary church planters through Africa’s Hope Discovery Series, — a 2-year college-certified Bible Diploma Program. This translation and print production project includes textbooks and teacher materials for 24 to 38 classes in the 5 different languages found in the Horn of … Read More

The TESFA Center Launches Fall 2017

Petros Network TESFA Project - HOPE Project

Petros Network took on an aggressive international building project to build The TESFA Center in Gojo, Ethiopia (TESFA means HOPE in Amharic). The Center was built as a multi-purpose building with a focus on women and children. Our plan is to include a women’s medical clinic, an area for special needs children, and a work area for training and textile … Read More

The Petros Network Story

In 1988 Dr. Charles Blair, Senior Pastor of Calvary Temple, invited Pastor Ray and Linda Noah to join his staff in Denver, Colorado as Executive Pastor. (1988-1996) During that time an Ethiopian community led by Endashaw Kelkele was invited to launch a “church plant” inside of Calvary Temple and held a national service in the small chapel. In 1991, under Dr. … Read More

God Gave Me A Vision

Before a missionary church planter is sent out our team interviews them for their personal story. This is one of our new church planters: It wasn’t that long ago I was a Muslim and highly opposed to Christian missionaries. I was smoking, using bad language to talk about Jesus and even using the pages of the Bible as toilet paper. … Read More

Why Invest in Women?

Petros Network Women - TESFA Project

“As more cash and assets get into the hands of women, more of these earnings get into the mouths, medicine and schoolbooks of their children, while at the same time increasing women’s bargaining position and power in the family and community; and their ability to act against violence in the home and in the world. There is no development strategy … Read More

God is at Work — Miracles, Signs, and Wonders

“God is at work. He is working through us with miracles, signs and wonders. These events confirm the words that we are sharing with them about Jesus. God is with me and He is helping me… “A person who was worshiping in witchcraft became paralyzed. The witch doctor couldn’t heal him, so his family invited me to pray for him. … Read More

The Petros Network Movement — 2015 Update

One of Petros Network’s values is building and empowering the indigenous leader. We are grateful for the men and women who lead our efforts on the ground. Their sacrificial labor has lead the way for enormous fruit. Learn more about our team >> National Director Kifle Shibre Ethiopia Area Coordinator Bekele Gudeta Shewa Zone Area Coordinator Martin Khamis South Sudan … Read More

The Petros Network Movement — 2014 Update

” First Command of the Great Commission according to Mark 16:15 is Proclamation: “Go into all the world and preach the good news.” ” Second Command of the Great Commission according to Mark 16:16 is Conversion: “Whoever believes will be saved.” “Third Command of the Great commission according to Mark 16:15 is Discipleship: “Whoever believes and is baptized.” And Matthew … Read More