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THIS IS HOW WE CHANGE THE WORLD:  Developing and empowering indigenous leaders in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda to plant thriving church communities and alleviate poverty through compassion and care.

Our Vision and Values

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Seven Driving Missions Convictions (Values)

There are seven missional values that define our vision, drive our mission and measure our effectiveness.

    1. The Local Church

      Since Jesus is the only hope of the world, and since the best and most compelling expression of Jesus is the church planted in a community, our core missional conviction is to plant redemptive Biblical communities in remote corners of the world that impact their communities for the good.

    2. Unreached People

      Since God places a high premium on reaching people who have never heard His Word, our core missional conviction is to preach the Gospel and plant churches only in unreached villages.

    3. Indigenous DNA

      Since the Gospel is most effective when expressed in the language and customs of a local community, our core missional conviction is to plant churches with the flavor of that culture and not our own.

    4. Cooperative Partnerships

      Since collaborative effort among God’s people reflects His heart, honors His Word and expresses the unity He desires in His family, our core missional conviction is to cultivate a spirit of unity and connect first world resourcers with third world practitioners to serve the indigenous church and their communities.

    5. Sustainability

      Since churches are healthiest when they are financially independent from their international partners, our core missional conviction is to plant churches and redemptive projects that have both the conviction and the tools to become quickly sustainable.

    6. Reproduction

      Since Christians are called not merely to evangelism but to disciple-making, our core missional conviction is to plant churches that plant churches and to make disciples that make disciples.

    7. Redemptive Lift through Relief and Development

      Since the Kingdom of God is the truest and best catalyst for holistic transformation, our core missional conviction is to plant churches that become change agents in all aspects of the life of a community. Church planters immersed in the community collaborate with local leadership to plan, scale and develop programs tailored to support the challenging needs of the community, particularly as it relates to the poor.

Strategic Partners