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Fundraising For Your Trip

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When you travel with Petros Network on an AfricaIMPACT trip you are extending compassion to some of the poorest people in the world, many who live on less that $1.00 USD a day. Every trip is a little different, but there are often volunteer opportunities available for training leaders, extending medical and dental care, working with widows and orphans, helping in construction projects, coaching/training athletic teams, serving in the schools, assisting with food distribution, or aiding with farming initiatives. And…we are always open to new ideas to serve the extreme poor.

Team members often raise support for mission trips by writing letters or participating in online crowd sourcing campaigns to friends and family.

The price of a trip with Petros Network is divided into two categories:  Airfare and Ground Fees. This allows travelers to consider a variety of means to purchase airfare and/or securing extra travel days while so far from home. Ground fees cover all of your expenses from the moment you land in Ethiopia, South Sudan, or Uganda until the moment you depart. Donations given on your behalf can be used for any qualifying trip expense: Ground Fees, Airfare, Immunizations, Passport expenses, etc. Petros Network will provide updates to your travel account found at and offer reimbursements with the appropriate receipts.

Writing Letters for Trip Support

Typically, a letter will share about the trip, the team, and give specifics on how people can help through prayer or financial support. Examples of fund raising letters can be found on the internet by searching “mission support letter,” and we are here to help you as well!  Here is a sample to get you started >>

Creating Your Own Public Fundraising Profile

A great source for you to consider for an online campaign can be found on your trip account page at petrosnetwork.managed missions. It is easy to set up your own public profile and it can be completed in just a couple of minutes.

Here is a sample for your to review:

How to configure your Public Fundraising Profile:

      1. Once you have been approved for a trip log into
      2. Click on your trip to view your account
      3. Select the “Public Profile” tab
      4. Enable your public profile by selecting the “Enable My Public Profile” checkbox
      5. Once enabled, completely fill in the form. You can use a personal photo or we have created a few for you here too. [here]
        • We recommend using one of two sizes for a photo: (1) Approximately 1200 X 540 for a landscape view or (2) 150 X 225 “headshot” for a more portrait display.  The software will resize your photo for you, but these are the ideal dimensions.
        • Here is some copy to help you get started:
I am traveling with Petros Network to Gojo, Ethiopia. We will be training leaders who serve in some of the poorest villages in the world. We are also providing a medical clinic and expect to serve more than 1000 people in 4 days. Typically we serve people who have never had any medical care and are often without hope. I am trying to raise funds to cover my expenses and some of our project costs. As money allows we will be providing vaccinations and deworming for the orphan children. 
When you give please designate your gift to “Support a Team Member” and put my name in the memo line. Petros Network will give 100% of your donation to my account unless otherwise designated. Thank you so much for your generosity.

6.  Click “Save and Preview.

7.  If you are satisfied, select “Save and Publish.”  The software is set up to let you “play around” a little bit before finalizing your profile.

8.  Your page will be approved by Petros Network within 24 hours. Once approved you can use your personal link in Facebook and other social media venues to fundraise for your trip.


This is a great tool because the website posts all of your donations for you into your account which you can access on a daily basis to track your trip balances.

Giving Online Through Petros Network

You can encourage contributors to give online at Please have donors include your name as the beneficiary in the memo line. Online giving is easy to use and walks the donor through each step. When paying online, please encourage donors to pay by e-check (ACH) rather than credit card as much as possible. E-check fees are only 1% of their donation whereas credit card fees can be as much as 3% through the Petros Network website. Because the majority of all donations go to the field, and our margins are extremely tight, Petros Network credit card fees will be deducted from your total donation.

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