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In the last four years we have witnessed a tremendous move of God with over 150,000+ new believers added to new church plants in Ethiopia, South Sudan and Uganda (see Growth Report). Petros Network church planters proclaim the Gospel and often engage in “power encounters” with evil forces formally ruling in unreached villages. When Jesus prevails villagers proclaim Jesus as Lord and begin a new life in Christ. Field reports demonstrate people are coming to Christ in the thousands every day and it appears the growth of the church is continuing to grow at a considerable rate. The need for Bibles and christian literature, written in a language common to the area, is critical!

You can help today to provide 150,000 standard Bibles for new christians at just $10 a piece and 5000 Study Bibles for church planters at $25 a piece.

Church planters complete a progressive curriculum through the Leadership Institute during the first two years of their ministry launch. One of the many challenges we face in leadership and theological training is the limited resources available in the written language of our church planters and pastors.

If you choose to also sponsor a church plant we will make sure to give your donated Bible to your Missionary Pastor as a gift from you.

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