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The TESFA Project :: Widowed Women at Risk

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Tesfa_150No one works harder to end hunger than a mother with a hungry child.1 Research has discovered income earned and controlled by women is directly channeled to their children, who eat better, get healthier and stay in school longer.  As a powerful solution for change, investing in widowed women, along with the added value of education and lifeskill development not only builds families’ well-being, self worth and self-confidence, but has the power to break the cycle of chronic poverty.



The TESFA Project:

(In Amharic TESFA means HOPE)

At Petros Network, we are on a mission to break the cycle of poverty and chronic hunger among Ethiopia’s most vulnerable – impoverished widowed mothers – and offer a life of dignity and hope. Our efforts are matched by the hardworking mothers in our program who are determined to feed their children, safeguard their health and end their poverty. When you give generously to The TESFA Project your impact is exponential because not only is a women’s life changed, but so are her children and her children’s children.

Support the TESFA Project with a one time gift or recurring gift and help change the cycle of chronic poverty.

  1. Just $1800 USD (or $80 USD for two years) sponsors a complete widows business, education and support.

  2. Sponsor a partial micro-grant. Everything helps! Learn more about The TESFA Project and how your sponsorship helps [here] >>

  3. Or, Give $50 USD monthly and we will join your gift with others to provide meaningful employment, life skills training and education! Learn more about what your sponsorship provides [here] >>

Petros Network is interested in creating partnerships with donors and investors who have a heart to alleviate poverty and make lasting change. Because of the living conditions common in the areas we serve in Ethiopia, even small donations can make a significant difference. Most widows earn only $80 USD a year, and typically live in an 8X10 square foot house with two to 7 children. Most of the time the entire family sleeps in one bed with her children scrounging for daily food and water.

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