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We hope the information and resources provided below are helpful for you throughout your trip experience. If there are any additional resources that you need, feel free to contact us at

General Team Resources

Download-Folder-iconPN_Packing Checklist

Required Forms:

Download-Folder-iconPN_Background Check Authorization

Download-Folder-iconPN_Financial Agreement

Download-Folder-iconPN_Medical Release_Adult

Download-Folder-iconPN_Liability Release Form_Adult

Download-Folder-iconPN_Talent Release

Want fundraising help / samples?  Go [here] 

Specific to Minor Travelers

Download-Folder-iconPN_Financial Agreement

Download-Folder-iconPN_Medical Release_Minor

Download-Folder-iconPN_Parent Consent Form

Download-Folder-iconPN_Liability Release Form_Minor

Download-Folder-iconPN_Talent Release

Strategic Partners