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AgricultureAgriculture and Livestock are the foundation of economy in the countries in which we work, making agriculture education and development the most promising activity for developing sustainability. When we help the poorest of the poor learn how to help themselves and feed their families with agriculture education, seeds, irrigation initiatives and livestock development, we begin to break the cycle of poverty that grips the communities in which we work.

Seemingly expansive land is left underdeveloped as remote villages are plagued by periodic drought and water shortages, soil degradation, lack of agriculture knowledge, simple resources, taxation and poor infrastructure (making it difficult and expensive to get goods to market). Yet despite all of the obstacles, agriculture is the country’s most promising resource. A potential exists for self-sufficiency in grains and for development and export in livestock, grains, vegetables, fruits and coffee.


Model Farm: Petros Network is developing a model farm in Gojo, Ethiopia with the help of partners. Our model farm provides opportunity for training and supplies for farmers to grow healthier, more productive crops enabling farmers to feed their families, secure seed and create a sustainable future. We always leave a little behind for widows and the poor to glean from the fields.

Sustainability Farming Project: In addition to the model farm we are also assisting with managing 50 acres in Ethiopia. This effort includes farming teff and raising goats and oxen as part of our sustainability initiatives.

South Sudan and Uganda

Seeds have been generously given to farmers in both South Sudan and Uganda. A model farm is also underway in Mbale, Uganda as a sustainability project for church planting and orphan support.

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