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What is a Church Plant?

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A Church Plant is PEOPLE not BUILDINGS

At its core, a church is a community of believers seeking to obediently follow Jesus Christ. We believe a church is people, not brick and mortar.

New believers typically gather under a shaded tree or some agreed upon meeting area. Some church plants do eventually construct a building, but we leave that up to the church planter and the community he/she serves.

Before coming to Christ people living in a typical unreached village worship through animism, witchcraft and traditional beliefs. Our church planters have been beaten, homes have been burned, and there are those who have even died for their faith. And yet, the gospel continues to spread.

Thriving church plants become the epicenter of community TRANSFORMATION. We walk alongside and train our indigenous leaders to leverage their influence and resources to resolve community needs—human rights, governance, education, health, hygiene and poverty—so that all of life in the community improves. We call this community TRANSFORMATION “Redemptive Lift.”

JUST $2950 sponsors an entire church plant in Ethiopia, South Sudan or Uganda.  You can sponsor an entire church plant or give a recurring gift of $50 a month and help send out a church planter!

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