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The Regional State of Oromia

The growth of the Evangelical Church in Ethiopia has been nothing short of phenomenal.  Just a century ago, only a handful of born-again believers existed.  Today, 18% of the population claims saving faith in Christ, according to the latest government census—a double-digit increase in just the last decade. Ethiopia is a spiritually fertile field, and there is a window of opportunity of unknown duration in which to establish local congregations throughout the nation in order to preserve this harvest and propel the kingdom of God forward in this strategic region in the Horn of Africa.

To date the Petros Network has strategically focused in one specific region at a time for evangelism and church planting, rather than the entire country in general. The Oromia Region is our current targeted region. We didn’t choose the Oromia Region, God directed us to this region!  It is not the easiest area of Africa to work.  There is often not any electricity, safe drinking water, roads, or any of the comforts of home.  However, God is there and we have seen His hand at work in miraculous ways.

We are working in partnership with the Evangelical Church Fellowship of Ethiopia1 (ECFE), which is a national cooperative fellowship of all evangelical denominations. The ECFE leadership team is made up of volunteer leaders from all of the evangelical denominations. The Regional ECF in the Oromia region is directly engaged in this church planting effort.  These new church plants are under their authority, and when the project is complete and the Ethiopian Call Ministry moves on to its next assignment, these churches will be firmly under the support and spiritual authority of the various denominations of the ECFE.

Evangelical churches/denominations that we are partnering with include: Brehane Kirstos, Mekane Yesus, Full Gospel, Meserete Kirstos, Maranatha, Brethren, Addis Kidan, Geunet, Kale Hiwot, Yehiwot Brehane and Assembly of God.

About Oromia (Oromiya)

With 353,690 square kilometers of land area (32% of the country), Oromia represents the largest regional State [1]. The CSA estimate of 28,067,000 people for July 2008 [2] indicates that its population size is also the largest. It has 35.4.% of the country’s population . The Oromo represent the majority ethnic group in Oromia (85%), and in the country at large. Nearly 4 million are residents of urban areas giving an urbanization rate of 13.8% – slightly below the national average. Their percentage proportion has been estimated variously at 30% and higher (up to 40% of the country’s total) but the mid-way estimate (above) seems to be closer to the real proportion. Administratively, Oromia is divided into 17 zones, 245 Weredas, and 36 town administrations with 6500 kebele subdivisions (see map above).

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1 When we refer to the ECFE, we are also referring to the evangelical denominations collectively.


Strategic Partners