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What are the requirements for becoming a Church Planter?

You learned all about sponsoring a church on Plant A Church. We also want you to know the commitment our church planters (also known as missionary-pastors) make too.  We are currently partnering with nineteen (19) Ethiopian evangelical denominations. Petros Network supports no missionaries directly, but works with local denominations in the selection, training and monitoring of the missionaries, utilizing their existing infrastructure and oversight. This strategy effectively allows us to keep our administrative expenses to a minimum and direct virtually all of the funds raised to provide these missionaries with financial support and other necessary resources. Our Ethiopian partner denominations and/or project partners pass through 100% of the funds budgeted for missionary support.

Missionary pastors are selected by their Ethiopian denomination or local fellowship, and remain accountable to and under the spiritual authority of these governing bodies. These men or women are then sent to an unreached village to preach the Gospel and ultimately plant a church. n some cases, if the villages are too small to sustain a church, a preaching point will be established.

Trained missionary pastors are supported for up to a two-year term, which may be extended under certain circumstances. The missionary is expected to establish the church within that first year and must have twenty-five converts to qualify as a church. Though a missionary is assigned a particular village, he will often reach three or four villages in the area during that year.

What are the qualifications of a Church Planter (also known as Missionary-Pastor)?

  • He/She must be obedient to their local church and denomination.
  • He/She must be in alignment with our evangelical beliefs. We work with 19 different denominations that adhere to our essential Christian doctrines as spelled out in the Statement of Faith of the National Association of Evangelicals.
  • He/She must be more than 23 years of age.
  • He/She must have experience in church planting.
  • He/She must demonstrate a high quality of life and have accepted Christ at least 5 years ago.
  • He/She must be teachable, respectful, faithful and honest.
  • He/She must have a visionary call to plant churches and advance the Kingdom of God.
  • He/She must commit to a 2-year initial training and then ongoing pastoral and leadership development.

What covenant do Petros Network planters agree to follow?

The following is the commitment we ask of our church planters:

  • Plant three churches in three to five years after their commission.
  • Train the church to be a church that plants church-planting churches.
  • Plant churches in unreached villages.
  • Make unreached people the highest ministry priority.
  • Turn converts into disciples that reproduce disciples.
  • Raise up and develop leaders to take over church plants.
  • Develop churches that are self-sustaining, and a self-replicating organism.
  • Ensure that the new church plants are committed to the same strategies.
  • Report monthly on the progress of the church planting work throughout the time frame of the project.

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