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Planting Thriving Churches in Unreached Villages

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Church Planting_150Jesus said it, “The Church is the Hope of the World” and we are on mission to plant churches — redemptive communities that make an impact in developing countries. It is our vision that every soul will hear of the Gospel of saving grace through Jesus Christ regardless of how remote the location. Soli Deo Gloria!- Petros Network

In a world that is full of uncertainty and instability, there is simply not a lower-risk, higher-return investment than the only institution about which Jesus Christ said, “… upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”–Matthew 16:18

There are several ways to participate in sending a church planter to plant a church:

  1. Become a Church Plant(er) Sponsor:

    Give a one-time gift to sponsor a new church plant in a hard-to-reach area. Church Plant Sponsors can also name their church. See more details below.

    • $2100 launches a church in the Shewa Zone of Ethiopia or Uganda, and
    • $2950 launches a church in Eastern Ethiopia and/or the South Sudan
  2. Become a Church Plant(er) Group Investor:

    Join with other Kingdom investors (friends, small groups, etc.)  and team up to co-sponsor your own church plant.

  3. Become a Petros Network Partner:

    A recurring gift of just $30.00 a month is joined with other team members and builds up to plant a church!

Every little bit helps and can add up in big ways. Church planters are released when 75% of their church is funded.

When you give towards church planting you are helping to support a humble church planter and his family for two years. Church planters are assigned to unreached villages in their designated country and provide leadership that has a significant impact on their community. Each church planter sponsorship provides:

  • Food and housing for a church planting pastor and his family for up to 24 months upon arrival in his unreached village.
  • Two training conferences per year for the church planter, taught by guest pastors and trainers from the United States along with indigenous faculty.
  • Bibles for the people receiving Christ in their native language. This will supply Bibles for the initial converts.  Some churches experience explosive growth and additional Bibles are required.
  • Study aids, evangelism tools, and resources to meet the needs of the local congregation.
  • Redemptive Lift follows every church plant.  Your sponsorship releases a blessing on a village and all of life in that village is impacted … the righteous and the unrighteous. (Matthew 5:45)

 What you will receive as a sponsor and church planting partner:

  • When you sponsor 100% of a church plant you can name your church.
  • You will receive a packet introducing you to the pastor of your church plant.
  • You will receive a report twice per year over the next two years from the pastor of your church plant. This report will include a picture of the pastor, details of his/her prayer needs, a description of his/her community, and a progress report of converts, baptisms, church attendance, and churches that have been planted out of his/her church.
  • Ethiopian coordinators will translate letters and communicate messages between donors and their church planters.
  • You will be given the opportunity to travel with the Petros Network team during a training conference to visit with your pastor and, if conditions permit, to travel to your sponsored church.  Travel expenses are your responsibility, but Petros Network can coach you in building personal support for the cost of your trip.

You will experience the rare privilege of investing in something that will transform an entire nation, change countless lives for all eternity, release heaven’s blessings back to you, and bring great glory to God.

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