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Pastors…We Invite You & Your Church To Join With Us In What God is Doing in Ethiopia! Learn More…

Dear Pastor:

I would like to personally invite you to join with us to plant 10,000 churches throughout Ethiopia by 2020, preach the Gospel to 10,000,000 Ethiopians and add 1,000,000 converts to the church . God has placed His hand on Ethiopia and the fruit of our effort is nothing less than miraculous. We are looking for like-minded churches and believers to participate in this end time harvest.

  — Pastor Ray Noah, Lead Pastor of Portland Christian Center
and President of Petros Network

The Local Church is the Hope of the World

In a world that is full of uncertainty and instability, there is simply not a lower-risk, higher-return investment than in the only institution about which Jesus Christ said,  “… upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. ”–Matthew 16:18  

How It Works:

1.  Announce to your church you have felt God’s leading to plant churches in developing countries.

You have been invited to partner with a church planting organization (Petros Network) to target the SW Shewa Zone of Oromia, Ethiopia and plant 400 new churches in the next 2 years. Petros Network’s Mission is to  plant 10,000  churches throughout Ethiopia by 2020, proclaim the Gospel to 10,000,000 Ethiopians and  add 1,000,000 converts to the local church. We have been invited to partner with them in this great adventure.  [Pastor’s Note: Petros Network adheres to Seven Missional Convictions that define our vision, drive our mission and measure our effectiveness. >>]

2.  Share with your church the example of what ONE CHURCH, Portland Christian Center , has done and the subsequent results in just 21 months. 

Click here >> to see monthly growth trends during the 21 months of the project.

      • 363 Churches Sponsored by Portland Christian Center
      • 502,734 People Have Heard the Gospel
      • 76,528 New Believers
      • 28,669 Water Baptisms
      • 2000 New Leaders Have Been Raised Up
      • 233 New Churches Launched Out of the Original Churches Planted
      • 596 Churches in Total Have Been Planted
      • 415 Churches Have Been or Are Being Constructed

 3.  Engage your church with how they can participate in planting a church:

      • Personal Investment : Give a one-time  $1,850 gift to launch a new church plant.
      • Group Investment : Join with other Kingdom investors to co-sponsor a church plant.
      • Recurring Investment : Make recurring, scheduled gifts and watch your support grow until you have sponsored a church plant.

Every little bit helps and can add up in big ways. Church planters will be released when 75% of their church is funded. You can give and/or set up recurring gifts by clicking here >>

Please note that credit card companies and banks reduce the amount of your online gift by approximately 3% to cover their fees.  However, gifts given by echeck (ACH) are only charged a transaction fee of .30 cents per transaction. When giving online our giving form walks you through using a credit card or paying by check.  When giving a large donation, please consider paying online by echeck or mailing your check to Petros Network 5700 SW Dosch Rd. Portland, Oregon 97239

4.  Inform your church family what their generous gift provides their church planter:

      1. Food and housing for a missionary pastor and his family for up to 24 months upon arrival in his unreached village.
      2. Two training conferences per year, taught by guest pastors and trainers from the United States along with Ethiopian faculty.
      3. Bibles for the people receiving Christ in their native language. This will supply Bibles for the initial converts.  Some churches experience explosive growth and additional Bibles are required.
      4. Study aids, evangelism tools, and resources to meet the needs of the local congregation.

  5. Let your church family know what they will receive in return for their generosity:

      1. When you sponsor 100% of a church plant you can name your church.
      2. You will receive a packet introducing you to the pastor of your church plant.
      3. You will receive a report twice per year over the next two years from the pastor of your church plant. This report will include a picture of the pastor, details of his/her prayer needs, a description of his/her community, and a progress report of converts, baptisms, church attendance, and churches that have been planted out of his/her church.  To see what we measure and why we measure it, click here >>
      4. Ethiopian coordinators will translate letters and communicate messages between donors and their church planters.
      5. You will be given the opportunity to travel with the Petros Network team during a training conference to visit with your pastor and, if conditions permit, to travel to your sponsored church. Travel expenses are your responsibility, but Petros Network can coach you in building personal support for the cost of your trip.
      6. You will experience the rare privilege of investing in something that will transform an entire nation, change countless lives for all eternity, release heaven’s blessings back to you, and bring great glory to God.  

As a Sponsor Church You Will Receive:

      1. Church Plant Report:  You will receive follow up reports at least 2 times a year of all of your church plants for the 2 years of the project . This report will include all of our measurements and personal testimonies. To see what we measure and why we measure it, click here >>
      2. Monthly Email:  You will receive monthly emails updating you on how the entire outreach is doing.  These monthly updates will astonish you and be the highlight of your week!
      3. Teaching Team: By special invitation you are invited to participate on a ministry team teaching or serving at one of our training conferences. We offer our church planters training in Bible Basics, Disciple-Making, Leadership Development, Doctrine & Theology, Scriptural Enrichment, Organizational Benchmarks and Vision.  We believe our teaching outcomes in these 7 areas are fundamental to our call, and essential to the long-term growth and health of the Ethiopian church.  For more information, click here >>
      4. Ministry Trips: Your church will be encouraged to bring teams on a ministry team serving opportunity in Ethiopia.
      5. Redemptive Lift Efforts: The humanitarian challenges of Ethiopia are great and you will be impacted by the great need of that country.  You will be given the opportunity to expand in practical ways with  Redemptive Lift efforts:  Micro-grants for widows, child sponsorship, food distribution, medical relief, education, and more.

Additional Information:   

      1. Petros Network can track the donations of your congregation through our online system, or you can track your congregant’s donations and report to us the number of churches being released.
      2. To date we have experienced explosive growth and there is always a need to purchase additional Bibles for each church plant.  For our current results, click here >>
      3. Your church is also given an opportunity to participate in our micro-grant program for widows, child sponsorship, food distribution programs, and other relief and development efforts. All efforts are implemented through the church plants giving God the glory!
      4. We work with 19 different denominations that adhere to our essential Christian doctrines as spelled out in the  Statement of Faith of the National Association of Evangelicals .
      5. For information about our requirements for church planters and the covenant they and their denomination make with us, click here >>

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us at +1 (503) 245-7735 or .

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