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Missionary Church Planters are Waiting to Go!


REACHING THE UNREACHED — Ethiopia, South Sudan, Uganda

Reaching the Unreached is what stirs God’s heart. When you sponsor Missionary Church Planters you are extending God’s hand to some of the poorest, most remote, hard-to-reach places in the world. It is in these difficult places that planting thriving, reproducing churches becomes the delivery system for Hope, Life & Transformation.

We have witnessed an outpouring of the Spirit that has been unprecedented in Ethiopia, South Sudan and Uganda. Today multiple church denominations are working together to train and send out indigenous church planters in a wave of the gospel like never before, but we need your help!

You can give a one time gift in any amount, set up a monthly recurring gift or sponsor an entire church. Each Missionary Church Planter has a goal amount of $2950 USD for two-years of support, training, Bibles and Christian literature. When you choose to become a sponsor we “link you” to a church planter and you get an upfront seat to the move of God in the region you chose!






When a local church is planted in a community it becomes the HOPE of that community as all of LIFE in that village is impacted. Missionary Church planters become change agents in all aspects of community life as they are trained to leverage their influence and resources to meet community needs. Here is what we have seen:

  • A break in the chronic cycle of poverty
  • Improvement of health and hygiene
  • Empowerment of women — widows and orphans
  • Restoration of marriages and families
  • Reduction in crime and drug addiction

The challenges found in the areas we serve often seem insurmountable. And yet, when we partner together, we can impact one village at a time and then another. What an incredible return on your investment!


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