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Visit the Ethiopia Training Center & Guest House

A Place to Stay While You Grow, Learn, Serve

Through the generous contributions of American donors and the diligent efforts of Ethiopian volunteers, we have constructed the Petros Training Center that includes guest facilities in Gojjo (Gojo),  the city where we currently conduct our training for church planters in Ethiopia. The Training Center was built to accommodate ministry teams while in Gojjo (Gojo). It is a wonderful facility with electricity, hot water, comfortable beds, toilets and showers in every room, and a meal or meeting area. Although Gojjo (Gojo) is an underdeveloped city, the Petros Network Training Center and Guest Facilities is quite secure and located close to the market area and the Brehane Kirstos No. 1 Church, one of the largest churches in Gojjo (Gojo).

If you are interested in staying in the Guest Facilities you can contact the Petros Network Offices at to make reservations. All proceeds are directed towards the expansion of the gospel through ongoing church plants in unreached villages throughout the Oromia region.

We have a calling, we call it The Ethiopian Call to plant 10,000 churches and win 1,000,000 people to Jesus.  We know it is a big vision, but we believe God is in it.

Guest House Accommodations:

  • Room Rate with Double bed  $40
  • Room Rate with Double bed  and Additional Mattress or Small Bed $45
  • Room Rate with Twin beds $40
  • Room Rate for Single accommodations $30

We have been blessed to watch the expansion of the church over the last year and a half. Our hope is to use the Petros Network Training Center and Guest House to continue to train church planters and expand the love of Jesus in relief and development efforts. If you are interested in this project, we are currently needing both financial investment, as well as skilled workers to assist us in advancing both the learning and housing facility.  In the US please contact or by calling 503-245-7735 if you would like more information.




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