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Let’s Go To Africa!

You noticed on our Get Involved page there are several ways to get involved in the life-impacting work of Petros Network, but we specifically invite you to take a Gospel plunge and join us on one of our trips to the nation of Ethiopia, South Sudan and Uganda. Whether you are a spiritual leader, medical professional, engineer, construction worker, educator or a cause- driven humanitarian wanting to help, please consider joining us for the opportunity of a lifetime as we transform a nation for the glory of God.

We currently conduct ministry trips to Ethiopia, South Sudan and Uganda twice a year, typically around April and November.  These trips are primarily for leadership development conferences, but may include humanitarian outreaches, ministry research and evangelistic outreach.

We attempt to use every trip participant in a way that is congruent with their spiritual gifts and passions.  Ministry opportunities can vary from trip to trip depending on the group that is participating at any given time. Each participant will experience a sense of being used by God in significant ways, and being forever changed by the experience.

The cost of this trip is typically not more than $3,400 (US). Most of the expense is for air travel, but the cost also includes food and lodging while in-country, as well as supplies, ground transportation, tips and program costs. Personal spending money will be left up to you, but most participants on previous trips have found very little by the way of souvenirs to purchase. Sightseeing opportunities will be offered in Addis Ababa.

Trip participants become Petros Network team members in that moment.  We go, not as tourists, but as servants.  We return, not only with an experience of world travel under our belt, but as changed and grateful children of God. We go as citizens of a nation, we return with hearts forever dislocated by the Almighty, as missionaries to the world.

If you would like to participate in this life-changing opportunity, please contact us with your interest or fill out an application below:

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