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  • Local Customs:  Although most locals dress conservatively, casual dress is accepted by the locals, who are fairly easygoing, although you should avoid garish clothes and behavior in general.
  • Banking:  Banks are open weekdays and closed for lunch, and the US dollar is most easily exchanged. Although credit cards can rarely be used, traveller’s checks can be used in larger establishments.
  • Food:  The most common Ethiopian dishes are injera, a spongy bread made from sorghum or wheat, and different types of wat, or soups often cooked with chicken, vegetables and pepper. Coffee and tella, a beer made from maize or barley, are two of the most common drinks around.
  • Phrases:  Yes = awo, no = aye, please (to a male) = ebakih, please (to a female) = ebakish, thank you = ameseginalehu, hello = selam, goodbye = ciao.
  • Tipping:  Check your bill and follow standard tipping rules for an additional 10% is a service charge hasn’t already been included.
  • Photography:  Ask permission before taking a picture. In the smaller towns the locals may expect a small payment in return for being photographed. Video photography in famous tourist attractions normally carries a small charge. Photography may be prohibited in airports and near military camps.
  • Smart Tips for Packing:

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