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Educating Out of Poverty

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Education is foundational to human development. While provisions of food, shelter, and healthcare are all necessary for alleviating poverty in the developing world, the most sustainable way to help a community improve its standard of life in the long run is to provide education for its children. Educated people are more aware of health issues, they farm more effectively, and they can begin to help others around them.


As the church has grown in Ethiopia redemptive lift efforts have also followed including a new elementary school in Gojo, Ethiopia. There are many reasons to be proud of this school! The school includes Kindergarten through 5th grade with an enrollment of 286 students. It is not only one of the most beautiful buildings in town, but also has a team of exemplary teachers.

Hope for the future:  Curriculum, school supplies and computers are an important need in the existing school. Donors can also assist in helping to advance the school up through the 12 grade.  Anticipated budget to build a secondary school is $170,000 USD.


Petros Network partner, Portland Christian Center, learned of the need to build a church and school in a very remote area of Uganda. Over 200 students were meeting in extremely confined quarters with very little resources. Efforts are now in progress to complete the building and we are looking forward to dedicating it in November 2014.

This effort continues to grow and is now offering primary education for 302 students. Primary education is offered in two levels and includes nursery care. The school is following the government curriculum and offering children /English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Christian Education, Music, and various thematic studies.

Hope for the future:  Curriculum, school supplies, and school furnishings are desperately needed for this new school.  Since this school is just launching it is in need of many things. The Kakaro School also struggles to feed the children because many of them come to school hungry.

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