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Who We Are


The Petros Network Movement — Providing HOPE, Proclaiming LIFE, Promoting TRANSFORMATION

We collaborate across organizational and denominational boundaries to work hand-in-hand with the people we serve as direct implementers of our mission.

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1.  Providing HOPE

Building and empowering indigenous leaders is at the core of what we do! We believe a trained leader is the HOPE of Africa.

 2.   Proclaiming LIFE

Sending out indigenous leaders to proclaim LIFE in Jesus Christ results in a thriving church planted in a community. Our church planters serve in some of the poorest, most remote, hard-to-reach places of the world as catalysts of HOPE and TRANSFORMATION.


Thriving church plants become the epicenter of community TRANSFORMATION. We walk alongside and train our indigenous leaders to leverage their influence and resources to resolve community needs—human rights, governance, education, health, hygiene and poverty—so that all of life in the community improves. We call this community TRANSFORMATION “Redemptive Lift.”

Tesfa_150EMPOWERING WOMEN: The TESFA Project ignites a spark of hope in the hearts of women through life and job skills training, leadership development, and micro-loans or meaningful work. No one works harder than a mother who needs to feed her hungry child.

Children_150PROTECTING CHILDREN: Living on the streets, orphaned children are vulnerable to trafficking, exploitation and abuse. Child sponsorship provides protected care, clothing, medical services, school tuition, and food.

Education_150EDUCATING OUT OF POVERTY: Education is the path out of poverty. Whether it is schooling for children or one of our extension centers for adult learning, learners of all ages can grow their way into a new future.

AgricultureFEEDING FAMILIES: Our model farm provides training and supplies for farmers to grow healthier, more productive crops. This enables farmers to feed their families, secure seed and create a sustainable future.

Medical_150IMPROVING HEALTH: Poverty and poor health are linked, creating a cycle that is difficult to break. We offer immediate help to those who are sick and suffering, along with resources for better health.

Water_150PROVIDING CLEAN WATER: Water is one of life’s most basic needs, yet unclean water is the number one cause of death in the areas we serve. Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene go hand in hand to save lives.

Athletics_150BUILDING CHARACTER THROUGH SPORTS: Research shows competitive sports can provide a powerful way of helping young people challenge limiting presumptions and learn to view themselves, and their potential, in a new way. 

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